The ten most common questions in job interviews

Frau im Vorstellungsgespräch © fotolia

Questions you should be well prepared for

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Lilium Jet: Electric Plane of the Future?

Le Lilium Jet sur une aire de décollage et d'atterrissage de 15 mètres carrés © Lilium Aviation

The Lilium Jet: An Innovation in Aviation

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Hugo Junkers: Pioneer of Commercial Aircraft

Junkers F 13 © San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives

The Legacy of Hugo Junkers and Otto Reuter

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Carbon dioxide- and fuel savings with bionics

Hai schwimmt © Pexels, pixabay

The shark as a model for aviation

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Tracking down the flying photographer

Gregor's Biplane, FK 12 Comet ultralight © Gregor Behling

An interview with photographer and pilot Gregor Behling

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